hanuman chalisa yatar

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This is the hanauman mantra locket yantra is Shri Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is in a form of pendent (24 carat gold foil plated) which has a Shri panchmukhi Hanuman ji image on inside & Shri Hanuman Chalisa on the other side which provides safety to the user from all problem “sankat kate mite sab pira jo sumrae hanumat bal bira”Shree Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is power full Yantra in together with yantra and complete The Upasana of Hanuman chalisa.is most auspicious and bestows the buff with power, brave, and activness. Hanuman Chalisa Yantra Hanuman Mantra Locket Yantra It is the smallest hanuman Mantra yantra worn as a pendant to let you imbibe the devotional lines anywhere and at anytime. The pendent is of great SPIRITUAL importance and is great to worn by all. The product is crafted with the sole aim of keeping the the pendent close to your heart and letting you remember the prayer anytime. The yantra is very well conceived and accepted by the people all over the world. Keeping the pendent always close to your heart enables you to seek hanumanjiâs blessing in everything you do.

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